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RIO DE JANEIRO, July 26 (Xinhua) -- Bolivian athletes who win medals at next month's Olympic Games will be rewarded with up to 50,000 US dollars, President Evo Morales said on Tuesday.

The landlocked South American nation will send 12 athletes to Rio de Janeiro as it bids to win its first ever Olympic medal.

"I am very confident that you will do Bolivia proud at the Olympics," Morales said during a speech in the capital La Paz. "When there is commitment, there are surprises."

Morales said bronze medallists would receive 30,000 dollars, silver medallists 40,000 dollars and gold medallist 50,000 dollars.

It is the first time Bolivia has offered financial incentives to their athletes at an Olympic Games.

"We know the effort being made by our athletes," he said. "This is why we have decided to incentivise athletes to win medals in Brazil. They will rewarded by the national government. We want to continue down this path, to hail the athletes representing us at these Olympics."

Bolivia's delegation will be headed by their opening ceremony flag-bearer Angela Castro, who is considered a strong medal chance in the 20km walk.

Her compatriots Wendy Cornejo, Stefany Coronado, Marco Rodriguez and Ronald Quispe will also compete in Olympic walking events.

Bolivia's other representatives in Rio will be Rosmery Quispe (marathon), Karen Torrez (swimming) Jose Quintanilla (swimming), Martin Michel (judo), Oscar Soliz (cycling), Rudolf Kjinenburg (shooting) and Carina Garcia (shooting).

The Olympics will be held from Aug. 5 to 21.

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Email accounts should be protected from threats. Sometimes there are attachments that get opened that can be harmful to a computer. Not all of them are caught by these programs so it is important to have a good program that will be able to block this type of problem so the computer is not harmed.

Some people do not realize that they are sending out threats until it is too late. Some people do not even realize that they sent an email. When this happens James Neal Jersey , it is very difficult to track the source and more than likely the damage has already been done.

Scanning any and all attachments can be done by these programs to ensure that each one is safe from threats instead of picking only certain file extensions. Most of the time, it does not take long to check them. If fact Authentic Golden Knights Jerseys , most people do not even realize that it does it.

If a virus gets into a network, it can affect every computer on it. This can be a big problem for large computer systems and the companies that go along with it. This is one reason why some computers are not hooked into the network especially if they have employee information stored on it.

A firewall will also help to block threats from outside sources. Hackers will not be able to get through it. Pop-up windows and advertisements will not be able to open either. This is going to depend on what the settings are set on for each computer too.

Software and computer systems are not something that is cheap. Replacing these systems could bankrupt some companies. This is another reason why people need to be careful about what is opened and what is going to be sent out to other people.

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