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Just want to say Hi.

The Gaui 500x may well be the 300s your government and involves a larger payload capability, increased stability and a lot additional power.

The Gaui 330X-S was well acquired by the RC neighborhood as a sound device that was very simple to assemble and fly as properly as the 500X follows this pattern. It is design stems from armed forces UAV's and it really is definitely effectiveness and durability is par non-e. The propellers and framework of the 500 provides it fantastic blowing wind resistance that exceeds any drone readily available on the market.

It shows up delivered like a kit, which is really very easily assembled in in relation to one-one,5 hrs. The kit is made up of four brushless scorpion motors, a 2S2000mAh battery, sufficiently for twelve-14min airline flight time, GU-344 3 axis stabilizing gyro, a safety frame you can use indoors or in restricted spots along with a protective carrying bag.

A quadcopter can be the excellent platform for aerial photography or video and may well be utilized professionally filming for serious estate agents, sporting occasions, stock video/picture and a wide assortment of cases. A probable is ordinarily got by the Gaui 500X raise capability of two,2Kgs which is extra than adequate for the GoPro Hero Cam as well as bigger cameras just like a Canon 7D. You can locate video camera mounts intended for it also, some with a gimbal it is probable to attach the cameras also and with either head tracking or by way of your controller it is feasible to manage the surveillance camera though flying the quadcopter itself.

If you are a beginner inside the RC globe, don't fret, the Gaui 500X attributes a collapsible physique design and style that assures any harm from crashes are kept to the quite least.

The amount of offered RC toys obtainable on the marketplace is swiftly rising and Quadcopters have exploded in reputation in recent years, not just for their ease of flying also for their capacity to carry somewhat hefty cameras which opens up a range of uses for them.

The Gaui 500X is these days the best choice quadrocopter that may carry a camera bigger than the GoPro, and you involve some use for it outdoors just fun and video games, if not you migh aswell go for the Parrot AR Drone or the like.

The Gaui 500X Quad Flyer can be an astounding machine and opens up a multitude of makes use of in RC flying, it includes a higher payload capacity, superb stability and good sturdiness, the price in early 2012 is just about $630-650 which the truth is is super low-cost looking at other quadcopters of the similar specs can cost from $five,000 or far more.

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