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Clayton's Organic Marxism focuses on the evolving process of Marxism a

KUALA LUMPUR Customized Manchester United Jersey UK , Jan. 26 (Xinhua) -- Malaysia Airlines said Monday in a statement that its user data remained secured after its Domain Name System (DNS) had been compromised.

It said that its DNS had been compromised where users were re-directed to a hacker website when www.malaysiaairlines URL was keyed in, adding that its web servers were intact at this stage.

The official website of Malaysia Airlines was attacked Monday by a group naming itself "Cyber Caliphate," and its page was replaced by a picture of a MAS Airbus A380 with the words "404- Plane Not Found."

According to local media, the website was attacked again later in the day by a group called "Lizard Squad-Official Cyber Caliphate."

"The airline has resolved the issue with its service provider and the system is expected to be fully recovered within 22 hours," the company's statement said, adding that the matter had also been immediately reported to CyberSecurity Malaysia and the Ministry of Transport.

However, the hackers leaked some passengers' information on the twitter account, including the flight itinerary of Malaysian International and Trade Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed.

According to the leaked information, Mustapa made a booking with the Malaysia Airlines from Subang to Kota Bharu on Jan. 26 on the airlines' low-cost affiliate Firefly flight.

Local English-language media newspaper The Star said it got in touch with a passenger whose name and contact details were available on the twitter account of the hacker, who confirmed that he had booked a flight with the Malaysia Airlines.

The hackers also said on the twitter account that the Malaysia Airlines was lying about the user data not compromised.


Sohu TV's self-produced comedy Mr. Hahaha debuted on the company's streaming platform on Wednesday, it's newest comedy after its successful Diors Man series.

Talking about his experiences directing Mr. Hahaha at a press conference for the show in Beijing on Tuesday, Cui Zhijia, who also stars in the show, explained that his first time directing such a streaming show made him realize he still has a lot to learn.

Different from most TV comedies, Mr. Hahaha was tailor-made for streaming audiences and as such is full of Internet humor and culture. Each episode is less than 20 minutes in length, but is packed with jokes that are sure to hit home with today's young audiences.

""Comedy is a genre that Sohu TV has built a reputation for and Mr. Hahaha will continue to support our lead among streaming sites,"" said Ma Ke.

A stage actor, Cui said that he is still learning how to transit from standing on stage to standing in front of a camera.

""You know they are quite different. But I found inspiration by watching the complete Diors Man and Wonder Lady series,"" he said.

" "

LOS ANGELES, May 19 (Xinhua) -- A noted U.S. philosopher has praised Chinese President Xi Jinping's remarks on updated Marxism, saying Xi's understanding of Marxism is a light on the path toward a new global ecological civilization.

Philip Clayton was commenting on Xi's speech about the importance of adhering to and innovating Marxism at a philosophy and social sciences symposium in Beijing on Tuesday.

""He stressed that the birth of Marxism is a great event in human intellectual history, and noted the wisdom of traditional Chinese culture. These two themes coincide with the Organic Marxism theory,"" Clayton told Xinhua in an interview on Wednesday.

In Clayton's book ""Organic Marxism: An Alternative to Capitalism and Ecological Catastrophe"" published in 2014, he wrote, ""Capitalism as a social and economic system has created massive injustices and has devastated the global environment... Only a Marxism built on organic principles will be able to respond productively to these demands for new political theories and new roles for governments in an era of environmental catastrophe.""

""President Xi did not interpret Marxism as a timeless truth, but called innovation the eternal theme of philosophy and social sciences, and also of social development,"" Clayton told Xinhua.

Based on English philosopher Alfred North Whitehead's Process Philosophy theory, Clayton's Organic Marxism focuses on the evolving process of Marxism and its organic integration with the needs of specific cities, countries or cultures.

""The basic principles of Marxism have to evolve to fit the concrete realities of today's China. Socialism with Chinese characteristics is not the same as the German Marxism of the 19th century,"" he said.

Paying much attention to China's social developments in the past 20 years, Clayton called himself ""a China watcher.""

""President Xi also noted the complementary relationship between Marxism and Chinese traditional culture resources,"" he said. ""The Chinese people have developed a deep cultural tradition over thousands of years of thought and practice. This accumulated knowledge is a wise guide to help Chinese leaders with developing socialist policies that suit China's unique situation.""

He also said that an updated Marxism is indispensable for building an ecological civilization, which requires a social, economic and political philosophy that places the common good of humanity and of the planet above all else. ""We predict that the principles of Organic Marxism will play an increasingly important role,"" he said.

Clayton criticized the growing inequalities in U.S. society and damages profit-driven corporations have caused to the environment. ""In America, the protesting voices against these inequities grow louder,"" he said.

""China is the largest nation in the world defined by its Constitution as a Marxist state. President Xi is calling for a Marxism that evolves to address the unique challenges facing China,"" he said, adding that the developments Xi is calling for . Antonio Brown Jersey   Authentic Alvin Kamara Jersey   A.J. Bouye Youth Jersey   Adrian Peterson Youth Jersey   Cheap Soccer Jerseys Wholesale   Cheap New NHL Jerseys   Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys   Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys   Cheap MLB Baseball Jerseys   Cheap NCAA College Jerseys

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