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“We are very proud of this achievement a

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Ghirardi felt betrayed after he was notified that Parma had been denied the chance to play in next season's UEFA Europa League.

""I'm done. I'm resigning as Parma President, and as of July 1 a new story will begin. Parma is now for sale,"" he said.

Parma enjoyed a stunning campaign last season to finish sixth in Serie, a position that should qualify them for the Europa League. But the Italy Football Association (FIGC) decided not to grant the Ennio Tardinin outfit the license to compete in Europe due to an unpaid tax bill.

Ghirardi said they had followed the FIGC officials' advice on the tax issue.

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He suggested his club would suffer a huge financial loss owing to FIGC's decision.

""Only a fool would think that this is an act of cunning to save 300,000 euro, after spending 13 million euro and now losing eight million,"" he said.

""We are good people who run a good house. But they have managed to push me away from the game. I'm done with football,"" he added.


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