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These studies needs to be designed, verified, conducted, analyzed, presented, etc., and then the fed who owns the case needs to be able to respond, which means they will have to do a lot of work of their own. These things are very time consuming.I not familiar with the exact details, but when the Norwegian cross country skier Martin Johnsrud Sundby was caught having a too high concentration of Salbutamol there were a ton of different reports written, and his FIS hearing was held more than six months after he tested positive. Then there were appeals, a few more written reports, and the CAS hearing was 16 months after the positive test.

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This doesn mean that if the stack is bad or if their shotcaller is bad, you still there problem. If they bad, then they bad and you can do anything about it. So personally I think muting and ignoring them is a bad play. X men almost feels like a cheap TV pilot looking at it through the lens of all the superhero movies made in the 17 years since.There so little action, and when it does happen, it feels very restrained and basic. The climax in the Statue of Liberty is a slow, disorganized series of one on one fights where the characters use their powers sparingly, make really lame jokes, and generally take their sweet fuckin time stopping Magneto. People complain about newer superhero movies spending too much time on one liners when the world is supposedly in danger, but this is the granddaddy of that trend without any question.You could argue the point of the film is the characters and not the action, but the character work isn that good either..

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