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Then I also scrolled through the video in slow motion, back and forth, looking to see if any defense of Zaza could possibly be made. I think we all had that experience on the basketball court, where you step short and your shoe catches but your momentum carries you forward. So this wasn Zaza being malicious in the typical standard Zaza way that so infuriating.

Carlito Wayfirst off, I do enjoy Scarface quite a lot. I think it very important, even if much of the dialogue is boring or cheesy. The acting is phenomenal regardless. Edit: just looked and it was 6 in a row, 4 of which were premier, 1 with Premier teams but weird format at ESL Barcelona, and the 6th being fragbite masters finals which had online quads and the SK, Astralis core, and NiP at the finals so pretty legit still.Just saying, the guy estimate at 7 wasn really as far off as you making out. 3 pointssubmitted 2 months agoI know it a different game etc etc but in CS I always rather see a clutch from the persons POV just incase anything happens. In CoD with the kill cam it seems almost criminal not to be watching the last guy alive as you see his death from faze POV anyway.

Also, I don think that this draft has enough chip players to justify trading back from 4 to 12. Take a look at the statement of Chris Ballard, Colts GM, after the Jets Colts trade. He said that one of the main reasons that he agreed to trade back is the fact that he did not move too far back in 1st round.

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Another awesome episode! You all talked about what you would like to see in FPO player packs. With the emphasis on making tournaments more appealing for women players I'm curious to know if tournament directors or groups like the Pro Tour or PDGa have been directly seeking input from women. For instance they made a big deal out of the women's courtesy tent or whatever that was a big pink tent with "stuff ladies like".

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