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Forum mécanique est un forum de l'usinage, de la machine outils, et de la mécanique au sens large.

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Well you saying is dumb. Those 5 wins are carrying us into next season, the players know the feeling of what winning is like, they have confidence in the gameplans, and we showing other teams that we are able to win without a great supporting cast. For a qb to come in with such short notice and change the whole energy in the locker room in 5 games is wayyyyy worth the lower draft position and not wondering if Jimmy G is the answer at the qb position or not..

Bring on the downvotes, but I hated going to NRE. I live by Woodgrove often drive my yard waste to the Cedar dump to avoid it. It was always insanely muddy even in the summer. Meet Thomas, the head of the town guard in the middle of nowhere session one. He must be a bad person. Meet some more NPCs in a large city and they can be anything but the epitome of absolute evil! Throw in a succubus disguised as a human woman in the middle of nowhere, have her tell her oh so convenient story of going after the same baddies, bat her eyes and say some pretty words to the ranger and you in the group! No questions asked.

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A fundamental concept in fascism is the obsession with a plot. Those who perpetrate the plot must by definition be conniving and dirty, because (a) they are not the "true" side so they must be weak and yet (b) they pose an existential threat to the "true" side because of their overwhelming power. It the same concept you see in any conspiracy theory Bush is an idiot yet he is the super genius who orchestrated 9/11, Clinton is an idiot yet he orchestrated the (((globalist))) takeover with NAFTA, etc etc etc..

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Freinds and family Depends on if they care. And why would theyMy philosophy has always been openness with those I care about. If they react negatively, then they weren really a good friend. You crawl. On me. While I'm sleeping. We did not watch sports growing up so I was never emotionally invested in any game ever. One of my fellow defensive backs even asked me why are you here after a while and I had no good answer.I know it was ultimately my responsibility even as a teenager learning to be assertive to walk up to the coach and be like hey what going on here How come you never let me play I thinking about quitting because I didn sign up for this. But I was too afraid and realistically I think coaches everywhere should just approached kids like that and have a heart to heart or something..
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