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The scholar argued that the book rep

by Xinhua writer Zhang Jianhua

LONDON Jaleel Johnson Vikings Jersey , April 15 (Xinhua) -- Former British Deputy Prime Ministers Geoffrey Howe and John Prescott on Wednesday welcomed the formal launch of Chinese President Xi Jinping's book on governance in London.

The book, "Xi Jinping: The Governance of China," a collection of speeches, answers to questions and instructions by Xi from Nov. 15, 2012 to June 13, 2014 Pat Elflein Vikings Jersey , was formally launched in Britain Wednesday during the 44th London Book Fair, where multi-language versions of the book are being exhibited at the 3-day trade show.

With more than 4 million copies sold worldwide, including 400,000 copies overseas, the book has set a new international circulation record among works written by Chinese leaders since the country's reform and opening up.

"I am delighted to be present today, and I actually look forward with enthusiasm to reading the book Danielle Hunter Vikings Jersey , which sounds absolutely marvelous," Howe, said at the launching ceremony.

Howe, who served as Britain's foreign secretary and met many of China's former leaders in the 1980s, said he cherished the occasions that he experienced to deal with Anglo-Chinese relationship.

"We are together. Let us remain so, and let us love the book Eric Kendricks Vikings Jersey ," he told the audience.

John Prescott, who was British deputy prime minister between 1997 and 2007, said: "This book is obviously an important step towards providing even a deeper insight into the concepts and principles of governance in the new leadership of China."

"It's another important step towards the understanding between our countries, but it's much more than that. It's a global level," he noted.

Prescott said that the book was designed for a better understanding of China's ideology, its pattern of development Trae Waynes Vikings Jersey , its foreign policy, and its values under the new leadership.

"It will be an essential reading for many of us on China, who're influencing world affairs," he commented.

Talking about the timeliness of the book, the veteran politician continued: "It is critical that he's producing a book at this time. It couldn't be a timelier book to be actually produced, when we want to see global governance playing a major part than it has done in the past."

Peter Nolan Laquon Treadwell Vikings Jersey , professor of Chinese development at Cambridge University, said the way in which China's economic system is organized is centrally important not only for China's governance, but also for global governance.

Noting that the topic of governance "has a key place" in Xi's book, he elaborated: "The way in which China is governed is of fundamental importance for the country's future. It has the potential also to make a profound contribution to the way in which the global community as a whole is governed in the 21st century and beyond."

A core part of the philosophy of China's governance, Nolan said, is the search for the most appropriate balance between the invisible hand of market forces and the visible hand of government action.

Nolan's views were echoed by British sociologist and emeritus professor Martin Albrow Ben Gedeon Vikings Jersey , who called the book "a wonderful publication."

"If I was still teaching, I would say every student in the social sciences in the rest of the world should read this book, because it tells you so much about China," said Albrow, who is also a senior fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Britain.

The scholar argued that the book represents the thought of the Chinese people today under the current leadership, and conveys "an idea of direction that the world should be taking in the future."

"I hope it will make a big impact in the world Dalvin Cook Vikings Jersey ," the expert said.

The book, which made its international debut at the Frankfurt book fair last October, has been published in at least nine languages worldwide so far.


WAJIR, Kenya, June 23 (Xinhua) -- Kenyan government administrators in the country's restive northeast Wajir region on Tuesday expressed fears for their lives following increased terror attacks targeting them.

The local administrators or chiefs said they are having restless nights as they do spend nights away from their homes for fear of Al-Shabaab attacks in Wajir which is closer to the Somali border.

Chief Ali Abdi, who has served for over 22 years in government Anthony Barr Vikings Jersey , is among the few chiefs who have been trained on firearms. but said they have been living in fear due to targeted attacks on them.

"We feel that we are being targeted by the Al-Shabaab, especially after the killing of some of their colleagues. We are under a lot of pressure from our family members to resign from our government positions because they feel we will be killed," he said.

The tension comes days after an administrator in the region was killed by suspected Al-Shabaab militants. Mohamed Barre Abdullahi was shot dead after finishing evening prayers at a local mosque on Saturday.

On Sunday, another administrator escaped death narrowly when he escaped after being quickly alerted by his children that they had spotted gunmen around their compound.

The three gunmen forcefully gained entry into the home of Senior Chief Salah Baqai Ali of Burder location in Wajir south, but by then he had already escaped.

Wajir Sub-County Commissioner Peter Letulia acknowledged that the militants were now out to intimidate government workers, a tactic he said would be countered.

Northeastern Regional Coordinator Mohamud Saleh is on record telling chiefs and their assistants that not even one of them would be killed under his watch Everson Griffen Vikings Jersey , saying those behind the killings would be brought to book.

Saleh said the government is aware of the changing tact by the militants, who have invaded villages along the border where they are allegedly spreading their doctrine.

He said that his security team will stop at nothing to ensure that Al-Shabaab is kicked out of Northern Kenya and peace resto Moving to the cloud is a sig. Cheap Puma Sneakers   Cheap Puma Slides Shoes   Cheap Puma Suede Shoes   Cheap New Balance Sale   Cheap New Balance 574 Sport   Cheap New Balance 574 Womens   Cheap New Balance 574 Green   Cheap New Balance 574 Gold   Cheap New Balance 574 Clearance   Cheap Air Presto Sale

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